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fall contest! [02 Sep 2010|10:40am]
Hi lj buddies. I don't post here anymore but right now I'm going a little crazy hoping to see if I can bust into this contest last minute and win some serious money for me and another person!
Polyvore is hosting this giveaway, and if you want to try to win a $1000 visa gift card, all you have to do is make a bunch of fall fashion outfit collages using the mini editor on my post right here:


and remember to click "publish" to save them! You can make as many as you like until the 7th, and then the contest will be over. If you're bored at work, spend some time making fantasy outfits and the more you make, the better our chances are to win! Please pass this link along to your lady friends and let's see if it's actually possible to win a contest like this.

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